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5+ Things To Care While Making An Online Affidavit

Affidavits are the self-declaration documents that state or act as legal proof of an entity or personal belonging. The offline/Online Stamp Paper in Delhi and other cities may be issued for a variety of purposes ranging from the minute one like the name change, signature change, news ad, etc. to bigger ones like an educational loan, marriage, proof of income, etc.

These affidavits are very beneficial as they can be produced in court as evidence. The deponent is the person whose name is mentioned in the affidavit, i.e. for whom the affidavit is made. While these affidavits can be procured offline but getting them online makes the process hassle-free.

To make the complex process to Make an Online Affidavit, people should take care of some of the important aspects. Failing to do so people have to go through the process all over again, thus failing the purpose of time efficiency and time-saving. Hence it is of utmost importance that the Online Affidavit in Delhiand other cities should be dealt with more care.

Following points must be carefully considered as you want to Make an Online Affidavit:

  • The online/offline affidavits must always be written in the first person, as this is the standard format of it. Furthermore, the person must swear that all the information provided by him/her is true in a declaration.

  • In the footer of the document, the full name of the deponent must be mentioned. They should also sign the document and enclose a statement which should explain clearly that the affidavit has been duly sworn at the mentioned date and place. The document should also contain the name and designation of the Magistrate/Notary.

  • The affidavit must be signed properly before a Notary/Magistrate or a person authorized to take oaths i.e. oath administering authority for the respective affidavit.

  • A person can affirm or declare instead of swearing only in case if the court has permitted it.

  • In case the deponent id illiterate, unacquainted or blind, then the affidavit must be read/explained/translated to the person and he/she must produce a certificate that he/she is aware of the contents of it.

  • An online affidavit must never contain any kind of hearsay information or imagination or belief. Furthermore, the statements which have no base or irrelevant must be omitted from the affidavit.

  • Deponents can also attach additional documents for support for the affidavits, known as annexures or exhibits to the affidavits. All of these documents should be duly numbered and signed by the respective authority.

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